Purely experimental web-cam sessions. You there, me here, shooting through a video call. All you need is a fully charged cell phone and low expectations. 🥂

Yes, the pictures will be blurry. 
No, you can't print them. (Well, you can but the quality won't be that of a sharp in-person photograph.)
Yes, they will be filmy/grainy/vintage-y. 
No, I'm not sure how the photos will turn out.
Yes, you can do them if you have a newborn baby, a husband, a wife, 3 kids, or are alone and want to do the shoot live from your bathtub with wine -- whatever! 
No, this isn't intended to replace "real" photo shoots -- these are more of a fun way to "work with what we got"... it's kind of like when you want a Nothing Bundt Cake but you have an Oreo instead. Ok, not the best analogy, but you catch my drift.
Yes, it's definitely a gamble! 

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