Hi! I'm Aminda! I capture memories for people -- the real shit, not the traditional, overly-cheesy stuff. I deliver photos that will actually trigger your senses. You know when you smell a certain chapstick or leather jacket or something and you're like "HOLY CRAP, this brings. me. BACK! Back to when I was 7 and my Grandma let me use her red chapstick that she always kept in her purse, but it kinda tasted like mint, even though it was cherry, because it was kept in the same little pocket as her gum. She was alwayssssss was chewing mint gum..." Yeah... I strive to do that. But with photos.

I usually do this for people when they're in love and often when it's their wedding day. Sometimes though, they're complete strangers to me, simply in the midst of living. Those street memories are kind of just for me, and hopefully for people in the future - so they can see what it was like nowadays. You know, documenting history and emotion and stuff. 

My love for shooting on the streets definitely bleeds into my wedding photography, which gives it a certain spice. 

What inspires me? Being in new environments that force you off of auto pilot... then going back to the environments that you know like the back of your hand, so much so that you can remember the exact plank that creaks when you step on it. It's such a weird feeling, I like that.

What else, what else... when people who love each other cuddle together like puzzle pieces. Windblown hair. People's life stories and the way they do day-to-day things, their routines. Rusty metal signs. Dark + cozy spaces. Wine. Handwriting. Days when you don't have anywhere to be, or anything to do. 

I believe you don't have to live your life (or plan a wedding) the way that most of the people around you do -- in fact... I hope you don't do that. 

The idea of perfection makes me uncomfortable. I like things a little messed up and worn-in. I'm pretty self-conscious but I think that's what makes me so good at making other people not feel that way (in front of the camera or otherwise).

I can't watch live TV because it sends my anxiety through the roof. I'm fascinated with learning new things like how to salsa dance, surf, speak Spanish, basket weave, read tarot, make homemade essential oil concoctions, etc. I collect grocery lists that I find on the ground, and sometimes I make stuff out of them. ✂️

I don't eat animals, or things that come from them, but I won't judge you if you do. 🌱I like having a couple glasses of wine and getting flirty with my day dreams and credit card... ✈️ I cuss a lot, but it's usually when I'm excited about something (which is basically all the time..) so it's kind of a good cussing.. you know what I mean?

I guess you could say I'm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota... or maybe Phoenix, Arizona -- but really, I'm traveling about 75% of the year thanks to this awesome career, which allows me to intertwine travel and work pretty easily!  

My photography (and life 😂) style and approach isn't for everyone. It's probably not even for 50% of everyone... hell,  maybe not even 25%. I'm for that 7.2% of you out there who are reading this right now and thinking "It's me! You're for me! I feel it!!! I must have YOU as my photographer and there's no ifs, ands, or butts about it! "  -- yes, I'm for YOU and you're for meeeee!! I'M GLAD YOU'RE HERE!!!

If that's you - please send me an email so we can become pals. Then I can photograph you just like I would (and do) my best friends -- I make them feel as comfortable as possible because they trust me, I capture meaningful stuff that they actually dig because I know what's important to them, and of course - I show them off, or in other words -- make them look hellaaaa good. 🔥.

Oh yeah, I've been published a few times, and that's pretty cool! 

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