David + Abigail // At home in Brooklyn

I shot these guys back in November of 2019. I was staying in Hells Kitchen, so I took the subway to their place in Brooklyn. There’s something about the subway that makes me feel.. like I’m in a movie? Or like I’m watching one.

New York makes me feel that way in general. It’s so.. beautifully unpredictable yet somehow calculated.

Long story short, here are some photos of David and Abigail, who are fellow creative friends of mine who moved from Minnesota to New York and have created this warm little oasis for themselves.

Thank you David + Abigail for letting me into your world! I hope these photos get busted out of the box in 50 years, and induce an evening of reminiscing on the days of sipping some Chemex-brewed coffee in your sun-soaked Brooklyn apartment. 🖤

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