[info] 4 Reasons You Should Bring a Friend to Your Senior Photo Shoot

“Can I bring a friend?” I get this question all the time when it comes to senior photo shoots (…and sometimes for engagement shoots, too.)

Every photographer is different, but I say HELL YES you can bring a friend! If you’re already feeling more comfortable with just the thought of your Day-1 being there, that’s a sign you’ll really appreciate having them around during our shoot. 

Here are 4 reasons I am down with your friend coming to your senior photo shoot: 

1. To carry your stuff. 

I don’t limit outfit changes (but if you bring an entire Forever 21 in your trunk, I might have to cut you off…) nor do I limit locations (but we can’t, like, go to Mexico real quick for a beach pic… ok maybe we can) – so chances are you’ll have a lot of stuff. But what if you want to wear your glasses for a couple of shots? Or if you want to throw on that supa ka-ewwt head scarf at the end? We’re gonna put your pal to work keeping all of these things handy.

2. To make you laugh – for realz. 

I’m pretty good at making a fool of myself, so chances are you’ll already have plenty to laugh at… but there’s something special about that belly laugh which only a best friend can bring out. 

3. To fix your hair.

Let’s be real, who can put a price on someone who knows how you like your hair? I mean, I dig it when my left-side curls go all cutesy-boho-free-people-wispy-in-the-wind… but if my right side even THINKS about trying that shit – lord help us all. And only about two other people in the world know this about me and have the guts to tell me “um, your hair is doing that thing, let me fix it”

4. To get a couple of fresh BFF pics for the ‘gram.

People who tag along to help are surprised and slightly scared when I say, okay now YOU hop in! Hey, look, I know you weren’t planning on having your photo taken today, but trust me –  you’ll thank me later. YAY.

Here are a few favorites from a recent senior photo shoot I did with Lexi (Go Bengals!), who brought her BFF Haley. I had a blast hanging out with these two. Plus, when they couldn’t believe it when I told them that I graduated high school 10 years ago, I think they actually became my new best friends too. ;) 

Want me to take your senior photos? Shoot me me a text (763-607-5754) or an email (AV@amindavilla.com)! 

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