Gabe + Allison’s Costa Rica Honeymoon

I spent the first 3 months of 2017 working for an eco-lodge off the coast of the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica (I’ll blog about this whole experience soon!) and I met some really awesome, real, and adventurous people from all around the world in the process. 

Gabe and Allison are two of those people. They were honeymooning fresh outta Santa Monica, California! I spent one morning being their little paparazzi around their ridiculous jungle bungalow. They made breakfast in their open-air kitchen, hung out in bed on the top story of what felt like a super romantic, adult-sized tree house. Not a bad gig… not a bad gig at all. 

This shoot really got me thinking… 

It’s no secret that I’m spreading my wings into the world of destination wedding photography… but what about honeymoon photography? Is that a thing? Well, I’m making it a thing if it isn’t already. 

Think about it. Honeymoons man… they’re your FIRST vacation as an ol’ married couple. They are always beautiful but most importantly -  they’re full of excitement and love. Don’t you think that deserves to be captured in more ways than a bunch of selfies? (I’m not doggin’ on selfies - I think there’s a cuteness, a closeness, and a sort of candidness that make selfies super real and lovable!)  

But for real, I want to shoot honeymoons! 

Not the whole thing of course, but how about a day?  It’d be similar to the vibe of my usual sessions in the way that I observe more than I direct. I capture you being you with the person that you love. It’s still about the little things - but during a super memorable, fun, intimate time. 

This session was amazing because you all know that I LOVE shooting in home-y environments, but these sessions could be partially in your home-away-from-home-honeymoon-suite being all up in each other’s arms, AND partially on a boat curisin’ the ocean. Or partially drinking margaritas and doing canon balls into the pool.

So what do you guys think? Would you like a photographer to capture real, intimate, and quality images for a day of your honeymoon, or nah? Why or why not? 

I’m officially offering this service, so GET AT ME if you’re into it. The first handful of honeymoons (or love-vacations in general) I book will be at a discounted rate. Also for the first few, if they’re in certain parts of Costa Rica, I’m covering the travel costs for ya homies. 

Ok, now I’ll leave you to gawk at these beauties! 

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