Isabella: A Lifestyle Newborn Session at Home in Minnesota

When we were about 22 years old, Jenna and I were roommates. I moved into her Circle Pines apartment with nothing but excitement, two cats and a few hundred bucks. 

Jenna and I knew each other through friends of friends and high school parties - we always shared the same type of sarcastic humor and love for wine, but before becoming roomies, we never really hung out one-on-one.  

I remember moving in and admiring her sense of style. And how hard she worked. And how genuinely helpful she was towards  me, expecting nothing in return. Most of all - I loved the way we could effortlessly laugh to the point of tears, about nothing in particular.

A broken wrist, a close call with a burnt pizza, a trip to California, a few hangovers (that would’ve taken our lives if we weren’t so god-damned determined to do it all again the next day), and couple of shitty boyfriends later, it was time for me to move out and dive head first into next chapter of my life. 

I didn’t know it was possible, but Jenna is even cooler now. Still spicy, sarcastic, and >>somehow<< the keeper of perfect, porcelain skin… she now has two beautiful babies, a fiancé, and a home to keep it all in.  

I’m honored to be able to document a slice of that for them. 

PS. I included a little surprise at the end of this post…. 

Bonus content: 

Here we have Jenna and I “dancing” in the rain at our friend’s bachelorette party. One of many fun times I’ve experienced with this girl. 🖤Thank you Jenna… Ichiiibiiiiriiiiiiiiiiii. 

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