Jason + Leah’s Mexico Destination Wedding, Part One

The week I spent in Mexico photographing Jason and Leah’s family and friends was one of the best of my life. Seriously! 

The first few days I took part in (and photographed) all of what the all-inclusive resort life had to offer. This included lounging by the ocean while icy refreshments are constantly being served, AYCE buffets, full body massages for $18/hr, late night rainbow shots + cheeseburgers, and gin + tonics at the swim up bar. It was a rough job. ;)

I love that I was able to hang out with the wedding party - and the wedding attendees - prior to the wedding day. There was no rushing. No sense of time at all, really. Just everyone enjoying everyone’s company and the sun. Sometimes that is hard to come by during a “normal” wedding day, so this.. this was relaxing. 

I had to split this post up into two parts because each post can only hold a certain number of images. So, first up we have all of the pre-wedding day hangouts. The pools. The shots. The laughs. The memories, yo.

After three days, wedding day had arrived. It felt like it arrived at the perfect time, too. Everyone was settled in, and we were ready to witness the good stuff.

Check out Part 2 for the rest. <3

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