Jesus + Sergio //A rainy 60 minute shoot in NYC, Slightly Hungover

I love these guys so much. SO MUCH!!! 

I remember meeting Jesus for the first time – I had just walked into Downtown Tempe Authority for my first day as a Marketing Assistant, scared shitless that I wouldn’t last a week in the new role.

Jesus was the receptionist/admin/intern there ($10 he texts me with the actual title when he reads this 🙄) so he was the first face I saw when walking in. I believe his words were “Hi, I’m Jesus, you took my job.” Hahahaha.

He was still in college and applied from within for the role I somehow snagged, but it was meant to be. We got to work alongside each other for year before I left Tempe to move to Costa Rica.

Jesus and Sergio do cool things like book one-way tickets, start companies when they’re bored (and then hustle to make them thrive) , drink cocktails in hip NYC bars, make you laugh until your face hurts, give you their hoodies and let you sleep over on their couch when your Bumble date went south and you needed a place to crash.. (IT WAS ONE TIME OK!?) 

I love them. Here’s them loving each other. (Disclaimer: This shoot was like a quick one, we had about an hour before I had to leave for my flight to Colombia. That hour included a bagel and coffee and rain as well. And we (ok maybe just me?) were a little bit hungover from the wine the night before. Whatever – I think they still turned out pretty well. 😍) 

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