Joe + Nicolle // Rain. Sunday. Us.

Nicolle + Joe won this photo shoot during my Black Friday raffle! (Who remembers it? I think I’m going to do it again this year!) They saved their shoot and waited until the snow melted and they got settled into their new-to-them St. Paul home.

Their video is at the end (you’re gonna die ☠️). 


AND THE VIDEO. OMG. I’ve watched this about a hundred times already (and teared up the first few times). I’m so proud of Nestor for knocking it out of the park, and still shocked and grateful we get to work together. We hope you guys dig the video accompanying the photos, we’d love to start doing more and more it for “regular” sessions – not just weddings!  

Did someone say behind the scenes? No? Oh, well I’m saying it. Here’s some BEHIND THE SCENES. When we wrapped, Joe took Nestor for a spin. Nestor was just a little excited.. LOL

And if you’ve ever done a shoot with me, you know I like to physically show you, rather than explain with words, how to sit/how to approach a ‘pose’/which direction to face/what to do to your partner. Here’s me showing Nicolle and Joe what to do… hahaha they pulled it off way better than I did.  

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