Marie // A quick portrait session while running errands in Nicaragua.

Last year I went to Nicaragua for 6 weeks (you can check out a blog post dedicated to that trip here) and I spent a large portion of that time at De Boca en Boca – a beautiful hostel in Granada.

Not only was the hostel itself beautiful, but the people who made it tick were really the magic ingredient. So kind, interesting, and giving. I could write about them for days.

Marie was of the hostel employees. An incredible woman with a heavenly accent and a heart of gold. Over the days of chatting over breakfast and calala cocktails, we decided it’d be fun to do some photos. We snuck in the shoot as Marie headed to the shop down the street to buy some office supplies the hostel needed. 

I think the entire shoot took 20 minutes. I miss random, no-expectations, just-for-the-love-of-it, shoots like this. And I miss Marie. And De Beca en Boca. And Nica. I can feel it through the images, I hope you can too.

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