Marissa // Jack Daniels + Boudoir

If you couldn’t tell by the title photo, this is likely a NSFW post… depending where you work. 😜(That emjoi is to signify me making the Cardi B “ahehhhh” noise.)

This is the session that Marissa and I shot together before her and Chris’s wedding.

Marissa and Chris found me: Once upon a time (in 2016) I shot a wedding in Arizona, and that couple had a wedding planner. That wedding planner was actually part of a wedding planning team. That team was made up of some awesome ladies, one of them being Anna. Anna worked at The W, where Chris (this groom) worked at the time. Fast forward.. two years? Anna and Chris were chatting all things wedding vendors, and Anna recommended me because she thought my style might line up with what Chris and Marissa were all about. Marissa saw my work and was like “Yep, that’s our photographer!” and it there were no questions from there on out! 

It’s pretty cool how we really have no idea what the seeds we plant now will grow into. I mean, I guess this is the basic principle of “word of mouth”.. but… I don’t know, it just seems deeper than that because of how perfect of a match I felt Marissa & Chris were for me, photography-wise.  Like, shit aligned man.

Marissa + Chris’s engagement shoot PART 1 here: Gritty + Low-key

Marissa + Chris’s engagement shoot PART 2 here: Intimate + Scenic 
Marissa + Chris’s wedding day: COMING SOON
Marissa’s boudoir session.. RIGHT HERE

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