Matt + Ali // Expecting in NYC

How can I put this lightly… fuck that… I don’t want to put this lightly; I NEED TO SHOOT MORE IN NEW YORK CITY! 😍

Please. Please. Please. 🙏🏼

This is Ali and Matt. They saw on Facebook that I would be traveling to New York and hit me up for a maternity session (twins, ayyyy!) while I was there. They gave me creative control, with their only request being to have photos that are a little different, and a warning that they hoped I could make them look cool – 😭you freakin’ kiddin’ me? These guys simply melted into each other perfectly, effortlessly. I just pressed the shutter and magic came out. 🤷🏼‍♀️😜

I knew I wanted to shoot in SoHo based on a friend’s recommendation (me: I want something gritty and brick-y and shady and city-y and buzzing, but not, like, super dirty or SUUUPER buzzing… him: SoHo) so I did a little bit of walking the streets to location scout before hand and was thought yep, this is the perfect canvas for them!  

We met at a crowded little coffee joint in SoHo where the barista takes your order even when you’re 4 people deep in line, drank our espresso (minus Ali) and then started wandering the streets looking for trouble (cool spots and happenings).

I love these kinds of shoots so muchhhh. There’s a semi-plan, but it’s not over-planned. You have to leave room for magic… like yellow taxi cabs.   

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