Michael // The New Guy In Town

I appreciate the change of pace that comes with photographing a newborn. It’s slowed down, and it’s on their terms. It just feels natural and peaceful – I really like that. 

I also am very aware that when I’m photographing babies, I’m being trusted with a very sentimental and fleeting time. They are growing every. single. minute. and there’s so much changing along the way – their size, the amount of hair on their head, their features becoming more and more prominent… but there’s also a lot that changes around them too – like you, your home, the way you hold them, the books you have around for this stage, and the things in their diaper bag.

I feel hyper-aware of those things, and that’s why I shoot newborns (and families in general) this way – no props besides the real shit. I believe props/scenery/etc definitely serve a purpose (a really cute one!) and I appreciate them – but I think my expertise is within your home and “lived-in” life. 🖤 

Thank you to this family who let me in! It was extra special because in this case, Grandma & Grandpa are very close to their daughter, so they came over to be a part of our shoot. Anytime we get more generations involved is always extra special. 🙏🏼An amazing day that left me feeling all warm n fuzzy inside! 

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