Chris + Katie’s Urban Love Sesh Minneapolis, Minnesota

I’ve had clients request photos on the Stone Arch Bridge many times. Now, don’t get me wrong - this former railroad bridge is a beautiful place to spend your time and take in the city scape with someone you care about, but realistically the thought of trying to get a “good” shot on this populated landmark puts me on edge.

Why? Bikes are speeding by, joggers are zooming past, and overall I feel as if I am in everyone’s way. Plus, the pressure to give the backdrop the justice it deserves while still embracing whoever I’m actually photographing… it’s just a lot to take in.  

I left Minnesota a year ago, but I still fly back frequently to photograph and visit fam + friends. My trips back home are usually short and sweet, and definitely packed with as much photography work, family time, and happy hour (okay fine.. “happy hour” might actually mean full-on-batshit-crazy-till-3AM) with friends as I can humanly possibly fit in - so, basically a whirlwind in which I don’t ever get to just *stop*, breathe, and *BE* in Minneapolis. 

On one of my recent work trips back to the midwest, I was lucky enough to be booked by Katie (who is an amazing up-and-coming photographer herself, btw), and she requested some shots on the infamous bridge.

First thought: Shit. 

Second thought: Okay, well… this might not be so bad. I kind of want to go to the bridge anyways… so I’ll just do the best I can to shoot that portion of the shoot then move on, and use this as an excuse to soak in that view of Minneapolis, which I’ve been missing so hard. 

We walked onto the bridge and there it was, Minneapolis in all of it’s glory. Damn, I miss this site. I miss the crisp mood, the sound of unmistakable MN accents floating around in all directions, and all of the commotion that lives on the bridge. 

I started shooting and suddenly I realized that I didn’t want to Photoshop out the bikers, the “imperfections”. I didn’t want to wait and hope for that split second where no one is walking past (which is so, so rare). I wanted to keep it all… which is what I did.

So there it was, the bridge as I personally always interpreted it, but never actually appreciated. The people. The wind. The mood. The movement. The chaos. 

If I’m being completely honest, I think if I never moved out west, it would be impossible to love Minnesota as much as I do now. 

Do you guys have a similar story? Maybe you never reeeeally realized how soft your Forever 21 sweater really was until you left it at your friends house - but then when you got it back you wore it for two weeks straight?… Or maybe you gave up sweets but decided to cave and have Sour Skittles and they’ve never tasted better in your entire life? 

Yeah… that’s what I’m talking about. 

Here are a few other shots from the rest of our time together… and it should be noted that these guys are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. THE NICEST

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