[info] My 5 favorite accounts to follow on Instagram right now!

This isn’t a well-planned post filled with carefully curated content – these are simply the handful of accounts I look forward to seeing on Instagram. The ones I find myself talking to my friends about like “Hey, have you seen *insert awesome account here* on Instagram? You GOTTA check them out…” The ones I navigate to, even if they don’t appear in my feed.

My “list” is continuously shifting as I become interested in different things and change through the years, for now though…

Here are my TOP 5 (…ok 10) favorite accounts to follow on Instagram right now:

1. @flavcity – Most people save the best for last, but I’m coming out with a BANG because I can’t contain my love for Bobby Parish – the man behind @flavcity People call him “The Grocery Store Guy” because he goes to popular grocery story, plucks food off the shelves to analyze the ingredient list, and explains the nutritional facts to his IG followers in a SUPER understandable and to-the-point manner. I’ve learned a TON from Bobby – but to name a few: “expeller-pressed”  = JACKPOT, “natural flavors” is anything but natural, and if you’re ever at the grocery store and questioning if it’s worth the few extra bucks to buy organic – think about the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15” to help you decide!

2. @lewisrossignol – AMAZING illustrator + collage artist who makes clever Tik-Toks, shares bts, and has a cat named Pip.

3. #sourdough – Ok, this one isn’t an account – it’s a hashtag! I think it’s the only hashtag I follow, actually. A few months ago I was heavy into learning how to bake bread at home, specifically sourdough! I discovered + took a sourdough workshop while I was in Colombia, and since then I’ve been following the hashtag which has blessed my eyes with beautiful dough from bread-makers from all around the world! It’s also made me really hungry.

4. @samuelebriganti – Italy-based tattoo artist with some of the cleanest, boldest lines I’ve seen! Consistently beautiful work, with a knack for panthers and tigers. I was hoping to get to Italy this year to get a statement piece from him.. hopefully later in the year that will be possible!

5. @cupsandthoughts – Cozy situations with coffee, lists, journals, books, a list, and a laptop – the perfect amount of organized clutter that just makes you want to read, write, and make lists all day long. I also enjoy her mix of digital and paper – for me, both digital and physical ways of documenting are necessary.

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