{my life} my nephew’s 5th birthday party

I’m ordering prints for my home, which has proven to be quite an intimidating task.

I’ve wanted to print yearly photo books of my life – not necessarily my photography work – but my life. Shitty cell phone photos; perhaps some edited, some not… there’s no prerequisites here – if I want to remember the moment, it goes int he book. I want to have something to flip through that doesn’t require electricity.  

The overwhelm of where to start printing yearly photo books when you haven’t started yet but have about 6 years of hard drives to dump can really cause the project to crumble before it’s even started.. but tonight I finally pulled the trigger and dove into the first hard drive. I decided to start 2019 and will work my way backwards, year by year.

While browsing images from last year, I stumbled across the collection of photos from my nephews 5th birthday party and I thought you guys might enjoy them. 

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