{my life} nyc real quick

I can’t believe I went to NYC and didn’t take more personal photos than this (I did do one full shoot and one smaller shoot.) In my mind, I took so much more. Pulling “all” of these images together and feeling like it doesn’t represent my time there has made me feel a little shitty, but also made me realize – GIRL, FUCKING SHOOT!

I want to delete this post, but I’m keeping it. Like a bucket of ice water.

*edit* I just published this post and then flipped through the images. There’s something about putting images together that make them stronger than if they stood alone. I am still disappointed that I didn’t shoot more in NYC, but also – as I look through these images in a set, I see a pattern.. it feels like a glimpse into my brain. Do you see it? Hmm..

^^^ Decided to include a few random shitty snaps that if they didn’t get posted here, they’d die on Snapchat or the cobwebs of my phone, and I want to remember them. ^^^

Top to bottom, left to right.

All of my luggage for 4 states and 2 countries got too heavy, so much so that I became overwhelmed with anxiety, went to the nearest Burger King (at like 6:00 AM, in Queens, salsa music, I had to order in Spanish, I was freezing but sweating) ordered a small hashbrown and a large coffee, and packed about 30 lbs worth of shit into a UPS box and mailed it to my Grandma’s house in Phoenix – I would be stopping there before heading to Colombia, and could grab my Colombia stuff then, no need to carry it around now… right? Well, while it felt good to shed that stuff, the box got lost in the mail. Here I am now, in Colombia, without the stuff. Maybe it getting lost just saved me more postage in the long run… maybe I don’t even need it here. ;) 

Vegan buffalo pizza w/ricotta.

Bathroom graffiti. 

$8 Falafel pita from the closet-sized restaurant across the street + malbec. Choosing a night of Netflix over the noise.

A fortune that I needed.

NYC loves it’s cream cheese. Lucky for me – tofu cream cheese! Heaven on earth.

Bagel w/ ^^^ at Hudson bagel with Jesus + Sergio. A rainy morning and a few photos. The best.

I just love the flesh in the windows.

Took myself out for indian. Only ordered a soup. Sat in the window seat. Texted Nestor. A good hair day (rare, lately.)

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