The Buckwalter Family // In Pittsburgh!

I want to give a huge shout out to the Buckwalter fam for embracing an urban approach to their family photo shoot!

We see so many shoots in fields with the perfect golden hour light – and they are beautiful. But.. what if that’s not “you”?

What if you like old brick buildings, fences, and the street you walk down every day? What if you have memories in Pittsburgh? What if you simply dig the look of a stoop vs a dirt road?

And hey – to fuck it up even more, what if you like ALL of that and you just like to switch it up each year so that your family photos all have a different setting?

Either way, I really enjoyed roaming some quiet streets right outside of Pittsburgh. These guys just moved closer to the city from a super small, close-knit town called Latrobe – so a day out on the town was a good call for their shoot.

Thanks for choosing me as your photographer, and I love the crap outta yas! 

(Links to The Buckwalter’s past shoots at the bottom! I love growing with families and will start posting all past shoots along with recent ones! Hey Korbels – you’re next!!) 

Past Memories:
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