The Korbels: A Family Photo Shoot on the Lake

I always love doing family sessions with The Korbels - each year we do something a little different. 

I’ve photographed Kendall’s newborn photos when she was less than a week old. 

I photographed them in their RV, camping, roasting marshmallows, and reading bedtime stories. 

I’ve photographed Emily + Trav alone, to celebrate their anniversary. 

I’ve photographed them hanging out in their new home.

And now I’ve photographed them on the lake, loving, playing, and making memories on their boat. 

THIS is how I love to photograph families. Doing things together as a family - no traditional posing, no convincing the kids to “stand still, look at the camera and smile” - just simply living, doing, loving… with your personal paparazzi by your side to document it all. 🤗

This day was warm but gloomy - perfect (in my personal opinion) for cruising around and making some images for these guys. We had so much fucking fun having the wind blow our crazy ass hair in all directions, eating ice cream, playing with squirt guns, filming with the GoPro, and jumping in. I myself even jumped from the boat to the tube to get the shots of Kendall jumping off of the boat. 😂   

Here’s a shot of me and the kids that Emily snapped towards the end of our shoot. I love them so much and for some reason they love me back. 😭 

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