Tony + Lindsay // Sang their vows in San Diego, CA

Tony + Lindsay had their wedding with ~30 friends & family at a big AirBnB in San Diego, California!

The bride, groom, and wedding party all stayed at the AirBnB during the wedding week which allowed for a shit ton of quality downtime to hang by the pool and just chill together. As adults, it can feel impossible to truly hang out with our friends - like for real for real hang out… not just sneak in a quick happy hour in-between responsibilities every 6 weeks… know what I mean?

So, as I rolled up to the house for a little rehearsal (more like just saying hello, hugs, and checkin’ out the place) it was cool to see Lindsay, Tony, and a bunch of their friends (from out of state & out of country) relaxing together by the pool, sippin’ beers, soaking up some California sun and radiating good vibes… together!

Because Lindsay and Tony took a slightly uncommon approach to a wedding (no church/proper “venue”, no DJ/dance floor but instead a bon fire, pool, and giant Jenga, they sang their vows, and so much more) I wanted to ask Lindsay if she had any tips for other brides currently planning their wedding. Here’s what she said!

*Try to have it all in ONE place. It helped that we could get ready in the place we were staying at the night before…

*Having the whole wedding party stay at the house with us helped a ton! That made everything really smooth.

*I ordered very little flowers - my entire bridal party split one giant bouquet. We just plucked it apart and arranged our own little bouquets from pieces of the big one.

* Don’t sweat the small stuff!! 

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